Asian Wedding Venue Leicestershire

Asian weddings are an absolute delight to attend. With the gorgeous colours and the fantastic food, the unique festivities on offer provide a spectacular celebration of the marriage of a couple. If you’re wanting a venue that offers you a glamorous location in which to host the perfect Asian wedding, you need not look any further than Keythorpe Manor. We have two fantastic venues that can help you have the wedding of your dreams. Attention to detail and keeping an extra touch of luxury is at the heart of what we do. So, you can be sure that booking our Asian wedding venue in Leicestershire will be something you won’t ever regret. We’ll give you memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime and a wedding that won’t be matched.

For many Asian weddings, we know that the secret is the brighter, the better. You need the perfect balance between having a lively venue, and not drowning out your bride in a sea of colour. Fortunately, we have two fantastic venues that are fully customisable so that this won’t be an issue. Whether the bride is opting for the Western tradition of a white gown, the striking red of a traditional Indian bridal dress, or something entirely different; our venues will only enhance their look, never overshadow. By having a customisable space, you’re able to have the wedding of your dreams, instead of compromising on something that is ‘close enough.’

Our marque wedding venue is the perfect Asian wedding venue in Leicestershire. It’s a glamorous space that oozes luxury, but it is also the perfect blank canvas. You can match the colours so it fits in with your wedding theme and decorate the space to your exact tastes. Couples can go as traditional or as contemporary as they want, or perhaps opt for a mixture of both. Many people find that they want a more traditional ceremony and a more contemporary reception, and this is something that our venue can easily accommodate.

We are delighted to cater to a variety of Asian wedding ceremonies; be it a Sikh, Hindu or Muslim wedding. Our team have decades worth of experience in hosting a variety of Asian weddings, so you can be sure that we are ready to adapt easily to any religious or cultural requirements. We are happy to listen to our brides and grooms and will do our absolute best to offer a bespoke event that tailors directly to their desires. We understand that the venue sets the tone for a wedding, so we have a variety of options available so that you can have a wedding that matches your exact vision. For example, you can opt for our Oak Barn wedding venue if you’re wanting a more rustic, homely feel. The possibilities really are endless with a wedding at Keythorpe Manor.

If you’re wanting to have a gorgeous wedding set amongst rolling hills and stunning shades of green, Keythorpe Manor is the venue for you. Our Asian wedding venue in Leicestershire offers couples a unique yet gorgeous space in which to celebrate their marriage. For more information, please feel free to get in contact with us. Please keep in mind that viewings are done by appointment only.