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Autumn Wedding Venue Leicester

Don’t worry; we haven’t left Summer yet! You still have a couple of months to hopefully enjoy some sunshine. However, it is definitely time to start looking to the future. If you’re wanting a picturesque Autumn wedding in 2020, now is the time to start seriously considering your venue options. Thankfully, Leicester and the East […]

Summer Marquee Wedding Venue Leicester

Picture this; a white marquee set against rolling green hills and a clear blue sky. After a gorgeous ceremony in which the bride glows under the sunlight, you walk out onto a cosy terrace that offers a panoramic view of the East Midlands countryside. As the sunset sets behind the hills, a bonfire lets off […]

Summer Barn Wedding Venue Leicester

It’s terrifying how quickly the year flies in. We’re now well into June and Leicester residents are beginning to get the benefits of that extra bit of sunshine without the relentless storms that seem to be constantly hitting the UK this year. If you’re hoping for a wedding that makes the most of the summer […]

Summer Wedding Venue Leicester

It feels like Christmas was just yesterday, but we’re creeping ever closer to summer. The summertime is an absolutely fantastic time in which to celebrate the union of two people. It is the perfect time in which to have a stunning wedding that makes use of the sunshine. We only get the sun for a […]

Oak Barn Wedding Venue East Midlands

If you’re hoping for a picturesque wedding, you’re not going to find a location much better than the East Midlands. The historic countryside is as regal as it is stunning and can provide you with a fantastic backdrop that will lead to some gorgeous pictures. It makes sense then, that you would want a venue […]

Intimate Barn Wedding East Midlands

If you’re opting for a wedding in the East Midlands, it only makes sense that you make the most of the location. You’re in the countryside. That means that you have access to a unique aesthetic that isn’t quite as readily available in the city. To that end, we offer couples an intimate barn wedding […]

Spring Wedding Venue Leicester

We’re coming up to the Spring Equinox, which means that Winter is finally over and Spring is here. Spring is an ideal season in which to hold a gorgeous marquee wedding. Not only does the British countryside look particularly spectacular during this time, but it also offers the perfect weather. No one bride wants to […]

Luxury Wedding Venues East Midlands

You only get married once. Seeing as it is a once in a lifetime occasion, you may as well go all out. You deserve the best cake, dress and venue on your special day. Unfortunately, we cannot provide our clients with stunning gowns or delicious cakes. However, what we can do is offer couples a […]

Marquee Wedding Venue East Midlands

You only get one wedding (hopefully). So, it’s fair to assume that you want the perfect day as it is a once in a lifetime event. You’ll find that many locations promise you the perfect venue in which to celebrate the union of a couple. However, you never truly know how well suited a place […]

Asian Wedding Venue Leicestershire

Asian weddings are an absolute delight to attend. With the gorgeous colours and the fantastic food, the unique festivities on offer provide a spectacular celebration of the marriage of a couple. If you’re wanting a venue that offers you a glamorous location in which to host the perfect Asian wedding, you need not look any further […]