Autumn Wedding Venue Leicester

Don’t worry; we haven’t left Summer yet! You still have a couple of months to hopefully enjoy some sunshine. However, it is definitely time to start looking to the future. If you’re wanting a picturesque Autumn wedding in 2020, now is the time to start seriously considering your venue options. Thankfully, Leicester and the East Midlands offer a gorgeous location in which to host an Autumn wedding. The rolling hills glow with warm shades of orange and red, making for a breathtaking backdrop to your special day. What you need is the perfect location to take advantage of it. Keythorpe Manor offers a stunning autumn wedding venue in Leicester.

In fact, we don’t just offer one gorgeous autumn wedding venue in Leicester; Keythorpe Manor has two for you to choose from. We have our Marquee wedding venue and the Oak Barn wedding venue. While they have their own unique features, they are both perfect for displaying the falling leaves, golden colours and rich reds of the season. To see for yourself, you can visit both of our venues by getting a viewing appointment. Our two autumn wedding venues in Leicester can help you have the wedding of your dreams.

The Oak Barn Venue

Oak barn weddings are always a timeless choice, but they are particularly effective in autumn. The warm colours of the season blend in nicely with the rustic setting. The wooden gambrel ceilings and tapestries create a soft yet romantic space that warmly welcomes guests to your union as a couple. The exposed brick walls and wrought-iron chandeliers make for a striking look that your guests won’t forget. Opting for the oak barn venue as your autumn wedding venue in Leicester means choosing a welcoming space that still offers ample luxury and glamour. The venue comes equipped with underfloor heating, a spacious seating area and a stunning outdoor seating area. It is fully customisable, meaning you don’t have to compromise on a single aspect of your dream wedding.

The Marquee Venue

A marquee wedding offers the perfect combination of an indoor/outdoor wedding so as to make use of the gorgeous setting, without forcing your guests to withstand an autumn chill. Our marquee venue is the perfect autumn wedding venue in Leicester as the white contrasts so nicely against the warm tones of the season. Similar to our oak barn venue, the marquee is fully customisable so you can plan the exact details as to how you want your wedding to look. It’s also an inherently luxurious space; with french doors opening out on a veranda with a panoramic viewing of the East Midlands countryside.

For more information on our autumn wedding venues in Leicester, please feel free to get in contact. Our team would be delighted to help.