Barn Wedding Venues With Nearby Accommodation Leicester

Offering couples the perfect balance between an elegant and ornate wedding and a warm and welcoming affair, a barn wedding is a trend that has been steadily on the rise since 2013. A barn wedding offers an intimate affair, as it’s extremely rare that they’ll be held in a busy area. Instead, your guests are treated to a secluded celebration set against stunning rolling hills and greenery. However, at Keythorpe Manor we understand that accommodation can be a really off-putting factor. We offer a barn wedding venue with nearby accommodation in Leicester, so that couples can have the wedding they dream of without having to stress about finding somewhere for their guests to stay.

Barn weddings make for gorgeous pictures and will give you memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. Couples are given a unique space in which they can allow their individual personality and tastes to shine through. If you want a laidback celebration, you can have it. Equally, if you want a lavish and glamorous affair, you can have that also. Couples can have homemade food or barbeques or they can have lanterns or fairy lights lighting up the aisle. The possibilities with a barn wedding truly are limitless. However, to say that there are no disadvantages would be a lie.

The biggest issue when it comes to barn weddings is accommodation for guests. A barn wedding really is like having a destination wedding, minus the aeroplane. In order to have an intimate wedding held against a stunning countryside backdrop, your guests will have to travel. In a city, this is less of an issue as every city will have ample accommodation options available. This is very much not the case when it comes to a number of barn venues. Fortunately for our clients, Keythorpe Manor offers a barn wedding venue with nearby accommodation for Leicester couples to make use of.

If you visit the accommodation section of our website, you will be able to see a long list of hotels and bed & breakfasts that we have recommended for use alongside our wedding venue. With nine establishments to choose from and a number of other options that aren’t placed on our list, your guests are guaranteed to find affordable that will allow them to take a comfortable break from the festivities. We know that accommodation can be a big stress when it comes to planning for a barn wedding, but you can feel rest assured that the hotels on our list have been tried and tested by many of our clientele.

While a barn wedding is a fantastic option, barn wedding venues with nearby accommodation can be a rare find. For more information on our stunning venue in Leicester and the accommodation nearby, please contact us for more information. We cannot wait to hear from you.