Corporate Venue East Midlands

Keythorpe Manor is a place that many people choose as their venue for different occasions whether that be a wedding, conference, team building event or company party. When people look for a corporate venue in East Midlands there are many things which they may take into account before making their final decision on what is right for them. These include:

the size – we can hold events of any size, whether they are big or small
location – we can be found on the A47, Uppingham Road which is easily located
facilities – when you use our corporate venue for your event we can give you use of the marquee, meeting rooms and grounds. If you were holding a team building event then you could do this in our outdoor area if you wish to.
availability – our staff will be able to let you know if your chosen date is available
whether they would have exclusive use or not – we are able to offer exclusive use for your event

The above are only some of the things that may be considered before committing to a particular venue.

What makes us stand out from the other corporate venues in East Midlands?

There’s a combination of many things which do this. We like to think that the high level of customer service that we provide to every customer who comes to us along with the positive testimonials that previous customers have left speaks volumes for both the venue itself and our friendly, helpful staff. Our corporate venue is set in the countryside with ample outdoor space which suits many people as it allows for people to come in and out as they please. Also our corporate venue can be set up with your input so that it suits the event which you are planning.

Another thing that people may consider when looking at a corporate venue in East Midlands is if there is any accommodation nearby which guests can use if they require it. There is local accommodation near our venue.

If you have any questions about our corporate venue in East Midlands then contact us today and let us answer them for you.