Country Wedding Venue East Midlands

0K1O7977Keythorpe Manor

Keythorpe Manner is the perfect venue and location for a country wedding in the East Midlands. Having your wedding here will provide your wedding with the perfect country backdrop and feel having your venue in the barn.

Having your wedding in Keythorpe manner marquee will give you the freedom to create whatever wedding you would like, you are completely in control. Our team will ensure you are given everything required to make your wedding the perfect country wedding. We also have a perfect honeymoon suite and local accommodation for your friends and family.

We also provide an on-site cottage for the bride and her bridesmaids to get ready for the wedding or to go to during the wedding. This cottage will add to your country wedding and give you the perfect country feel in the East Midlands.

Our oak barn will also add to the country feel, having huge barn doors that the bride could walk through before going down the aisle. This amazing barn has gorgeous wooden roofs and heated flooring!

During your time at Keythorpe Manner we can ensure you and your guests will be looked after by our outstanding staff.

For any more information on the perfect country wedding in the east Midlands feel free to contact our team at: 01162598100