Intimate Barn Wedding East Midlands

If you’re opting for a wedding in the East Midlands, it only makes sense that you make the most of the location. You’re in the countryside. That means that you have access to a unique aesthetic that isn’t quite as readily available in the city. To that end, we offer couples an intimate barn wedding in the East Midlands. Our Oak Barn venue is the perfect place to host a rustic and welcoming wedding. This is a style of wedding that has become trendy and stayed popular, purely down to how gorgeous a wedding it can lead to.

Now we know it maybe doesn’t sound all that glamorous. A barn isn’t exactly the most desirable place to be wearing expensive clothing in usually. However, an intimate barn wedding in the East Midlands can be the wedding of your dreams. Instead of the typical farm barn, you’ll be celebrating your union in a restored historic barn. What was once a hay barn, is now a luxurious and intimate space that is perfecting for weddings and special events. The wooden gambrel roof ceilings and tapestries create a warm atmosphere, while the natural elements of the barn, such as the exposed brick walls and rich barn wood, create a rustic yet chic ambience.

Opting for our intimate barn wedding in the East Midlands doesn’t mean sacrificing on luxury either. The Oak Barn offers an understated decadence that you won’t be able to replicate elsewhere. With underfloor heating and a stunning open terrace, you’ll have all the grandeur you could possibly want, without taking anything away from the sense of intimacy. The Oak Barn also offers couples a relatively blank canvas. This means that they’ll be able to display their own unique tastes and have an even more bespoke wedding.

The East Midlands is a truly gorgeous location in which to get married. The green rolling hills will enhance the photographs without becoming a distraction. Our venue’s terrace also offers guests a panoramic view so that you can make the most of the stunning location. Choosing to get married in our venue is something you won’t ever regret.

Our intimate barn wedding venue in the East Midlands is both warm and luxurious. We offer viewings on an appointment basis, so please get in contact so that you’re not left disappointed. Our team will be delighted to hear from you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.