Marquee Wedding Venue East Midlands

You only get one wedding (hopefully). So, it’s fair to assume that you want the perfect day as it is a once in a lifetime event. You’ll find that many locations promise you the perfect venue in which to celebrate the union of a couple. However, you never truly know how well suited a place is until you visit in person. Keythorpe Manor offers couples the chance to view our gorgeous marquee wedding venue in the East Midlands so that they can see all that our stunning location as to offer. If you book an appointment with us, we will be happy to show you how we can help you arrange the perfect wedding.

When it comes to planning your wedding, you have the option of adapting a space to hopefully suit your needs or starting with a totally blank canvas to produce a truly bespoke wedding. We know what we would rather. Why compromise when you can add every element that you’ve dreamed of to a unique venue. Marquee weddings offer you that chance at a totally blank slate. They offer a basic space that is still glamorous even without additions. You could go totally minimalist and add little to the venue for a simple yet elegant look, or you could go all out with fairy lights and flowers and have a fairytale wedding. They are a very flexible style of venue and allow a couple to get what they truly want out of their special day. Not only that, but it makes the event seem totally separated from average everyday life. By entering the marquee, guests are being transported to a totally new place. This will only highlight the specialness of the event.

With our marquee wedding venue in East Midlands, you have the perfect mixture of an outdoor wedding and an elegant venue. Keythorpe Manor is set within the stunning rolling hills of the East Midlands countryside. Your wedding photographs will be second to none with rich shades of greens creating a gorgeous backdrop. The open space also opens up opportunities that you would not get in a busy city. With fireworks, bonfires and horse-drawn carriages all theoretically possible (though it’s probably advisable not to have together all at once), you’re not limited in options for planning your most ideal wedding. You could even arrive in a helicopter if you so desired.

With french doors leading to a stunning veranda; our marquee wedding venue in East Midlands disproves the notion that marquee weddings are somehow less luxurious. Along with a bespoke experience, you are also guaranteed a comfortable one. No matter the style, you will be provided with a high-quality venue that, even when stripped to the bare-bones, is extravagant and welcoming. Your guests won’t want to leave when it comes to the end of the night. For more information on how our marquee wedding venue in the East Midlands can provide you with the perfect base to host a gorgeous wedding, please feel free to get in contact.