Most Romantic Wedding Venues UK

There are hundreds of unique wedding venues in the UK however, Keythorpe Manor really stands out as being one of the most romantic wedding venues.

Keythorpe Manor is situated in the UK, nestled away in Leicester’s countryside – located easily on the A47, Uppingham Road.

With spectacular views of the countryside from this wedding venue, there is absolutely no more of an atmospheric place than Keythorpe Manor. We are confident that this venue will give you butterflies as soon as you see it.

The team at Keythorpe Manor are just as impressive as the venue itself, with them being able to cater for all of your requirements.

Here at this romantic wedding venue we have ample outdoor areas for reception drinks, cocktail bars, live music and seating areas, with there being majestic surroundings available from the viewing platform of the marquee veranda.

You can choose between the elegant conservatory styled marquee or our oak barn that was originally a hay barn that has been transformed into a romantic space for wedding ceremonies. So whether you are looking for a large extravagant venue or a small and intimate venue, we have exactly what you want.

One of the reasons why we are the most romantic wedding venue in the UK is due to the surrounding rolling hills that offer endless possibilities, with you being able to make the most out of the open countryside by making an entrance with either a horse-drawn carriage or even a helicopter landing.

Keythorpe Manor truly is one of a kind – the perfect setting for any couple who wants to have a romantic wedding in the serene countryside. Feel free to get in touch with us on +44 (0) 116 2598100 for more information about our wedding venue.