Outdoor Wedding Venue Leicestershire

Now we are just about into the Winter months no one will be looking for an outdoor wedding venue due to the weather conditions in this country. However, this does not mean that you can’t start planning for your dream outdoor wedding in the Spring or Summer time. Here at Keythorpe Manor, we provide the perfect place in Leicestershire to host your big day.

With our stunning backdrop showing off the beautiful Leicestershire countryside and the rolling green hills, this is an ideal place for you and your guests to enjoy these picturesque views. This would be ideal for having your wedding photos taken with these views in the background, these will look excellent and live long in the memory.

Our marquee venue has a wonderful veranda area this is suitable for hosting a drinks reception as there is plenty of room for a seating area and even a cocktail bar. At night this would be a perfect place to host a barbecue for you and your guests and carry the party on to the small hours. Our onsite accommodation means that you don’t have to worry about getting home from the venue, our bridal cottage offers the happy couple space to put their belongings and change out of their wedding attire into something more comfortable for the party at night as well as providing somewhere to relax after the big day is over.

Also as the Keythrope Manor is out in the countryside there are plenty of ways to make your grand entrance on your wedding day. You could have the standard cars or if you want to arrive in style you could have a horse and carriage or even come in on a helicopter.

If you are in the Leicestershire area and always dreamed of the perfect outdoor wedding with wonderful scenery then please get in contact to find out more or to arrange a viewing.