Small Wedding Venue Leicester

While it is assumed that everyone wants a huge wedding with hundreds of guests, the reality is that not every couple is suited to that type of celebration. For some, a huge wedding would be a total nightmare, rather than a dream. Keythorpe Manor offers two distinct small wedding venues in Leicester, so we can accommodate those who would prefer a more intimate affair with just close family and friends. While we do have ample options available for those wanting a big event, our small wedding venues offer the perfect space in which to celebrate with your loved ones in luxury.

A small wedding isn’t synonymous with a less grand wedding as, after all, quality is always valued over quantity. Those who opt for a more intimate affair can get the wedding they desire without having to make compromises due to the sheer volume of guests they are expecting. You don’t have to worry about squeezing 200 hundred people into a tiny hall, you can instead afford to spend a little more on each guest and instead have a luxurious affair with all the comfort you that your guests could ever desire.

The Oak Barn at Keythope is one of the best small wedding venues in Leicester. Without modifications, it only seats 80 guests, but it offers couples a unique rustic setting that is both welcoming and intimate. The restored historic barn was originally a part of the stables, but it has now been transformed into a small wedding venue that is perfect for any couple wanting a special affair. The barn offers couples a blank canvas in which to display their own unique style and personality. They can decorate it to their specifications and have the wedding that they truly want.

Having your smaller wedding in a barn doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on luxury. The Oak Barn venue at Keythorpe Manor features a spacious catering area and under-floor heating. If you’re wanting some additional outdoor activities at your weddings, such as a barbeque or outdoor games, the Oak Barn adjoins a stable that offers the perfect space. Additionally, the pictures you will get from a small wedding at the venue will be stunning and will be treasured for a lifetime. The Oak Barn is located in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside, with rolling hills and lush greens that will look gorgeous in any photograph. With rustic charm on the inside and a beautiful natural landscape on the outside, this small wedding venue in Leicester will give you an event you won’t ever want to forget.

At Keythorpe Manor, we believe that everyone should get the chance to have their wedding in a stunning venue with a fantastic view, no matter how big or how small their wedding is. Our small wedding venue in Leicester will allow you to have a luxurious intimate affair with only your nearest and dearest in attendance.