Summer Barn Wedding Venue Leicester

It’s terrifying how quickly the year flies in. We’re now well into June and Leicester residents are beginning to get the benefits of that extra bit of sunshine without the relentless storms that seem to be constantly hitting the UK this year. If you’re hoping for a wedding that makes the most of the summer weather, you won’t find a better venue than a barn. The warm ambience perfectly matches the heat of the sun; while still keeping you covered so you don’t ruin those pictures with gigantic streaks of sunburn. For those wanting a summer barn wedding venue in Leicester that comes equipped with stunning surroundings; you won’t find a better venue than Keythorpe Manor. Our oak barn venue is an elegant indoor venue that is conveniently situated within the stunning rolling hills of the East Midlands. Your guests will be delighted and your pictures will look gorgeous.

Weddings are stressful to plan but so worth the effort it takes. You only get one shot at it, so you obviously want to select a wedding venue that perfectly reflects yourself and your partner. Once you find that dream venue, the rest of your wedding planning will neatly slot into place. That being said, your venue can make or break certain aspects of your wedding. For example, some weddings may have limitations in regards to how much you can decorate. This means that a theme may have to be compromised. However, this isn’t the case at Keythorpe Manor. The best element of our oak barn wedding venue, other than it’s inherent charm and elegance, is that it is fully customizable. If you want fairy lights to guide you down the aisle, that’s something we’re happy to accommodate. If you want a royal blue rug to highlight the white of your wedding dress, we can help make it happen. Whatever elements appear in your dream wedding, we can usually make happen.

Our summer barn wedding venue in Leicester is a popular choice among couples and for a number of reasons. Barn weddings are currently in fashion, so they are in high demand. However, they are timeless and never really go out of fashion. For those who want a warm and welcoming wedding, our barn is perfect. The wooden gambrel ceilings and tapestries create a grand space that is soft and romantic. The exposed bricks create a more rustic look that will leave your guests more at ease. However, opting for an oak barn wedding doesn’t mean compromising on elegance or luxury. Our iron wrought chandelier and modern decor create a stunning space in which to celebrate your union. Similarly, our underfloor heating, catering spaces and outdoor seating area will provide all the luxury you could possibly want.

The summer is the perfect time to get married, especially if you opt for a gorgeous location that makes the most of the sun. Our summer barn wedding venue in Leicester is perfect for couples who want their dream wedding. For more information, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be delighted to help. Viewings are done on an appointment basis, so be sure to book so you’re not disappointed.