Corporate Venue Leicestershire

Are you looking for a corporate venue in Leicestershire? If so you should come to Keythorpe Manor as the facilities that we have available are suitable for different types of corporate events.

People look to hire corporate venues in Leicestershire for many reasons such as:

team building events – team building is very important in the workplace as it encourages and builds on better communication between staff and also encourages team work amongst them to achieve an end goal. Whilst participating in team building days the staff are networking and getting to know each other better therefore allowing them to form better relationships with one another.
for meetings – some people may look to hold a meeting in private away from their place of work to discuss things away from staff.
for presentations – maybe you are looking for a suitable venue to hold a presentation because the space that you already have doesn’t work for what you need
business functions – maybe you are looking to hold an event at night such as a company party that is private for just your guests

Whatever the reason though the corporate venue that we have available to hire can suit whatever you need. If you do choose to use us we can offer you exclusive use of our meeting rooms, grounds and marquee. Our venue is ideally set in the Leicestershire countryside with ample outdoor space which makes us a good choice if you are looking for something suitable for outdoor activities. We also have the capacity to cater for bigger parties as well as smaller ones.

If you require any more information on our corporate venue in Leicestershire then all you have to do is contact us today. You can call us on 0116 259 8100 or you can email