The Perfect Country Wedding Venue

It’s time to get personal.. Don’t panic – we’re talking about your special day here but if you look at our testimonials, we feel that where we excel is including ‘you’ in your special day. Any attractive venue can offer the backdrop for some ‘pretty pictures’, any half decent kitchen will include a chef that can ‘knock you some nice food up’ and you can definitely put some smart clothes on some semi-polite waiting staff to wait on your guests. But that doesn’t make a Keythorpe Manor Wedding. So if you are looking for the perfect country wedding venue you should definitely come and visit us and see exactly what we do and how we do it.

We get far more personal than that – oh yes we get right into your heads and hearts because without doing that we’d just be providing ‘quite a nice dressing-up party’ and don’t get us wrong – everyone loves a party but this is one of the biggest days of your lives, so it goes without saying that we want to know who you both are. Telling you that events here are accomplished with the utmost distinction and refinement means nothing to us if your personality isn’t mixed into that too.

As we’re well aware, we won’t be the only venue you’ll be looking at. We get it – it’s exciting! There’s a reason that Bridezilla’s exist – it’s because your day means so much to you! Some people daydream about their wedding day from their early childhood days with visions of princes or princesses waltzing them around a stunning dance floor to beautiful music. Images conjured up of everyone gazing in astonishment at how the perfect couple have a flow of love hearts literally popping out of them in their newly wedded bliss. And don’t go assuming it’s just the ladies with these dreams folks!

We also know that as soon as you’re off your knees from proposing, you’re online, devouring anything and everything wedding related like a possessed person! You’re almost disappointed when you can’t go and view your perfect country wedding venue at 3am when you snuck onto your phone to look at the pics yet again because you’re just too excited to sleep. And rightly so! It’s time to ‘play and create’ and you may not know exactly what you want but that’s where our flexibility and experience come together to help you.

We have the privilege of creating magical days for couples all year round. We mentioned our testimonials already (we kinda like talking about them y’know) but not because we want to brag. Every single wedding testimonial was somebody’s special day. It was the start of a life together where they can look back at how they shared a beautiful day surrounded by their very favourite people (okay – maybe a few extra that they were ‘obliged to invite’ – no wedding is complete without them!) but that day meant something huge to them and the testimonials are their avowals (see what we did there??) that we not only listened but we ‘got it right for them’ and we’re super proud of that!

So back to this wedding obsession you’re now trying desperately to juggle into your life (does work and normal conversation seem a bit more dull now? We know..) how about we tell you how we can make you feel like you really are centre stage for the opening ceremony of your marital bliss?

You’ve seen the pictures on our site right? Keythorpe Manor is such a secluded setting with the surrounding rolling hills of the English countryside serving as a beautiful backdrop. Not only is this a stunning canvas for your wedding photographs but it certainly makes for an entrance in style with a horse drawn carriage or maybe even a Helicopter Landing… making it a perfect wedding venue in the country.

To start your day as you mean to go on, there is a picturesque two bedroom cottage onsite, created with your Bride and her Bridesmaids in mind to get changed in or to make those last minute touch ups. The cottage also serves as a Honeymoon Suite for you as newlyweds to retreat to after the excitement of your day. Local accommodation is available for your family and friends where we have exclusive rates.

So you have a beautiful bride…. your ceremony can now take place and with the option of The Keythorpe Manor Marquee, the completely restored Oak Barn or the manicured lawns, we know you’ll be saying ‘I do’ in a setting as beautiful as your bride (oh how rude! We meant a setting nearly as beautiful as your bride!)

The historic Oak Barn, which was originally a hay barn as part of the stables, is now an intimate venue for Weddings. The large traditional barn doors welcome guests into Oak Barn’s entrance porch, where the Bride can begin her walk down the aisle. The barn’s glass doors open onto a terraced area with outdoor seating which is ideal for your guests to enjoy the reception drinks, whilst overlooking panoramic views of rural Leicestershire. Dining and dancing both fit here, with tables and chairs provided to seat eighty, however, the barn can seat more people depending on layout but still retaining that wonderfully personal feel.

With the wooden gambrel roof ceilings, adorned with up-lighters and centred with the large wrought iron chandelier we’ve created a truly spectacular setting. The Tapestries add a touch of softness to the barn, whilst the natural elements of rich barn wood and exposed original brick combine to provide a rustic, yet chic, opulence. Converting Oak Barn specifically for events such as your special day, means we’ve also covered the practical aspects – the Barn features under floor heating, two washrooms with disabled access and a catering space too.

Knowing that our setting is so idyllic allows us to offer a completely bespoke day for you from start to finish taking care of all of the finer details. We like ‘behind the scenes’ to stay ‘behind the scenes’ so that you and your guests can enjoy a seamless experience for your Civil Ceremony, Reception or Wedding Breakfast. Whether you are looking for a wedding on a more intimate level or a larger and more colourful affair, we can draw on our years of passion and experience to tailor everything perfectly for you.

We sincerely hope that Keythorpe Manor is where you choose to say ‘I do’..